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Everyone meet little miss Ellie! She is only about 8-10 weeks old. We’re guessing she is some type of Jack Russell Terrier mix?? Whatever small breed she may be, there’s really no better breed than rescued. We are still getting to know this cute girl, but for now she is happy puppy and gets along great with other dogs and kids. 


Sweet Zuka has been waiting for a family to notice him for about 7 months.  He is about 1.5 years old and loves all humans and puppers!! He is very friendly, smart, and eager to please. He walks wonderfully on the leash and does not pull. He is also amazing in the car... the perfect road trip buddy!! With continued training, he will be a dream forever dog. Zuka is really just as perfect as they come! 


Sweet Athena was one of our rescue's very first dogs we took in almost 3 years ago. She was originally found inside an abandoned apartment when her first owners decided to discard her like trash when they moved out. Since then, Athena has bounced around to different foster homes and just cannot seem to find her place in the world. Athena loves her toys, sunbathing, mid day snoozes, and playing in her kiddie pool. She has never had a stable home of her own, and we really want her to learn the true meaning of family.  She absolutely loves all humans and will follow you anywhere, however we prefer for her to be the only animal in the home. Athena is about 5 years young and so deserving of love!


Scruffy is approximately 3 years old and about 22 lbs. He was found roaming the streets and safely caught by members of the amazing Doggie Task Force. We have not had any luck locating his owners, however we will continue to look for them for at least 30 days. Once Scruffy's 30 day stray hold is up, we will consider adoption applications for a new home. For now, Scruffy is safe and loved in a temporary foster home. From what we've learned so far, he is an all around sweet dog who just wants to be around humans. We will update his profile once we learn a bit more about this cute boy! 


We were contacted by a good samaritan one day who found this abandoned, beautiful girl. It appeared like she recently had puppies, but was severely emaciated. On top of this, she couldn’t bear weight on her back right leg. We were able to find a wonderful foster home who offered to take her in while she recovered from a leg amputation. Love is our rescue's first tri-pod! The vet believes it’s an old injury and caused by blunt force trauma.  Whoever had Love previously kept her with a shattered leg to birth her puppies and then threw her out like trash to be found hiding in a shed! Despite her horrible past,  she is the SWEETEST little pibble we have ever met. Please consider inquiring about Love, the pittie who could! 


We were contacted by someone driving into Vegas from California regarding 2 dogs running on the freeway with 2 leashes attached. One dog was microchipped, but the phone number was not valid. Through lots and lots of investigation and scouring the areas, we finally found the owner. Unfortunately, she is unable to take care of these dogs properly. For now we desperately need a foster for this pittie puppy who has now become homeless through no fault of her own. Her fur-sibling is still in boarding at the moment as well while we attempt to find them both more stable foster homes. Ginger is very sweet, dog friendly, but will need some basic puppy training. Please reach out if you can help!


Mabel's rescue is truly incredible. It all started when someone posted online they saw a dog running into the desert on the east side of town. Some of our volunteers, along with volunteers from the Doggie Task Force of Las Vegas immediately went out to this desert area. They were out there for 2 days attempting to locate the dog.  After flying a drone in the area with no luck, volunteers went searching on an ATV.  Finally, they spotted her hiding in a cave on a mountain. Several team members hiked up to help capture her safely. They could immediately see she had just given birth to puppies, but unfortunately the puppies were nowhere to be found. This desert area is a popular dumping ground for unwanted dogs, and we believe she was used for breeding then dumped. Mabel is approximately 1-3 years old and a German Sheperd female, about 54 lbs. She is a very sweet girl and very food motivated. She is timid and we are working on improving her social skills. The good news is she is eager please and learn, and she just wants to be loved! 


On Saturday, April 8th this sweet guy was rescued off the streets of East Las Vegas while digging through trash for food. He had been spotted running around for days before his capture. We don’t know where he came from or who his original owners are, but we are naming him Artemis for now. What we do know is Artemis was having a real hard time. He was admitted to the emergency vet due to vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and a 104 degree fever. He was severely dehydrated and has no appetite. Thankfully after 3 days in emergency care and $3,600 later, Artemis is finally resting comfortably in his foster home. We will update more details on his personality once he feels a bit better! So far, he seems to be a gentle and loving soul. 


My name is Hunter and I'm looking for a forever home and a hooman to love. I am about 1 year old with an unforgettable face. I get along with other dogs and like to play nicely! I love love love to snuggle with the hoomans, it's my favorite thing in the world. When I see the leash I get super excited to go for walkies. I do a little prance when I'm happy, I hope you think it's funny. My foster mom tells me I'm a very good boy when I go to the backyard for potty. I'm getting a lot better at that! I'm also working on my listening skills and learned to sit still in one place. Sometimes I get the wiggle butts but I'm trying! I'm good at sleeping on my doggy bed next to my foster mom and we sleep real nice at night. Don't let the big head confuse you, I am a small boy, less than 20lbs! 


Howdy! My name is Indigo, friends call me Indi for short My foster mommy and daddy tell me I’m a very good girl. I love when they tell me I’m beautiful too I don't know my birthday but I think I am about 1-2 years old. I listen very well and always alert the crew when I need to go potty outside. I love my foster kids so so much and give them love and kisses every time I see them. I'm always a happy girl, love wagging my tail, and have lots of love to give. I do have a lot of energy and I am very strong! I’ve been working hard at training and I’m using these big ears to be the best listener ever. I'm very grateful I was found and saved. My previous owners put me outside one day, moved away and never came back. I was waiting for them...but they never came. If you are looking for a loyal and loving companion, I'm your girl! I’m ready to finally go home.


This sweet, beautiful girl was surviving in the desert for several weeks and was finally caught. Like many other dogs found in this desert area, we believe she was most likely dumped. This desert is a popular dumping ground for dogs unfortunately. Her foster mom has temporarily named her Ari. What we know so far about Ari is she is extremely sweet but shy. Loud noises spook her out a bit, but she’s very curious about everything. There are zero signs of aggression. She does wonderful with other dogs of all sizes as long as they are low energy. She does just fine around cats as well. We would prefer her to be around kids older than 12 since she is more on the mellow side. Ari is kennel trained, does great during bath time, and is partially leash trained (doesn’t pull, just doesn’t walk in a straight line just yet). She is a very quiet girl, and does not bark or howl. She loves laying in grass and seeks love and attention from humans. She is just a gentle doll!


Clyde AKA Clydey Pie

This guy is 100%, certified, Grade A beefcake! He’s the total package of affectionate, gentle and all around well mannered. He’s a total potato! Clyde is approximately 5 years young. 

Clyde LOVES being your car buddy. It doesn’t matter if you’re just driving around or going on an adventure. He just wants to be part of it. Not up for a ride? He will happy cuddle up near you a be your snuggle buddy.

We are still learning about his home needs. We do know he lived with two other dogs in his previous home. Unfortunately, his previous owner is no longer able to care for him. We are unsure of cats. He seems gentle around kids and we are working on learning if kids are his jam. Clyde is currently in a boarding facility and very much would like to find a foster home! 


Alaska is believed to be German Shepherd & Husky mix. He is just a few months old and has lots of growing to do! He is a typical puppy- lots of energy and is curious about everything around the house! He will need continued puppy training so he grows to be the best boy possible. His foster family tells us he is getting a lot better about being in the crate, hasn't had any accidents in his crate for over a week! As most puppies, he is still getting the hang of potty training. He is a smart boy and is learning very quickly. We are told he is a bottomless pit and will scarf down all his food quickly and swiftly! Alaska is a very happy pup who will play play play all day. He will be best off in a home with another pup who also likes to play, as he may be too rowdy for dogs who like their space. Alaska is still learning the concept of personal space! 


Welcome one of our newest babies to the Kiss My Paws Rescue crew! Blossom is about 3 months old, and your guess is as good as ours on the breed. What we know so far is she’s kid and dog friendly, and extremely smart! She already knows how to sit still and pretty for some treats! Basic puppy training will be required. Please check back soon for more updates on Blossom!


We have an incoming of new puppies! This is Mocha and she is a little girl. She was rescued from a complicated backyard breeding in a little desert town between Vegas and Pahrump. We have  4 of the19  puppies joining our rescue crew! They are Shar Pei mix with some German Shep and who knows what else. We are assuming they will be medium to large breed dogs. Mocha is a fan favorite, she loves to burrow into your neck and snuggle! 


Caramel is another baby from the new Shar-Pei mixed litter! She is a little girl. More information about her personality coming soon as we are still getting to know these new puppies. 


Java is another baby from the new Shar-Pei mixed litter! He is a little boy and just the cutest. More information about his personality coming soon as we are still getting to know these new puppies. 


Latte is another baby from the new Shar-Pei mixed litter! She is a little girl. More information about her personality coming soon as we are still getting to know these new puppies. 

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