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Little Biscuit is about a year and a half old and loves being the center of attention! He is a real life cuddle bug and will demand snuggles from you at all hours of the day! He can be a bit shy when first meeting strangers, however you will soon see his true personality shine through. He absolutely loves humans and dogs. Biscuit has lots of playful energy and really enjoys running around in the yard. He would thrive with a family who takes him on hiking and walking adventures. In return, Winston will give you an unlimited supply of puppy kisses to last a lifetime!  


Meet Nava, a beautiful and resilient pitbull with a past that tugs at the heartstrings. She is only 3 years young and has been already bred for profit 3 times. When this pregnant pittie came into rescue, we promised this litter would be her last. Tragically, Nava lost 10 out of 11 of puppies she birthed. This is a loss no mother should endure. Nava's journey to healing is just beginning and she needs a compassionate foster home or forever home to decompress. She is currently in a boarding facility, all alone and confused. Please open your heart and give Nava the love and peace she deserves. She seeks nothing more than to snuggle by your side and share quiet moments with a special human. 


Howdy! My name is Indigo, friends call me Indi for short. My foster mommy and daddy tell me I’m a very good girl. I love when they tell me I’m beautiful too I don't know my birthday but I think I am about 1-2 years old. I listen very well and always alert the crew when I need to go potty outside. My previous owners put me outside one day, moved away and never came back. I was waiting for them...but they never came. I lack confidence and am learning how to be less fearful. I would love a human with breed experience to help me realize the world is not a scary place. I am not the best with other animals, but still want to find my furever humans!


On Saturday, April 8th this sweet guy was rescued off the streets of East Las Vegas while digging through trash for food. He had been spotted running around for days before his capture. We don’t know where he came from or who his original owners are, but we are naming him Artemis for now. What we do know is Artemis was having a real hard time. He was admitted to the emergency vet due to vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and a 104 degree fever. He was severely dehydrated and has no appetite. Thankfully after 3 days in emergency care and $3,600 later, Artemis is finally resting comfortably in his foster home. So far, his foster mom tells us he is a gentle and loving soul. He can be bit scared around new humans, but he is working hard at learning how to be confident in scary situations. 


Alaska is believed to be German Shepherd & Husky mix. He is just a few months old and has lots of growing to do! He is a typical puppy- lots of energy and is curious about everything around the house! He will need continued puppy training so he grows to be the best boy possible. His foster family tells us he is getting a lot better about being in the crate, hasn't had any accidents in his crate for over a week! As most puppies, he is still getting the hang of potty training. He is a smart boy and is learning very quickly. We are told he is a bottomless pit and will scarf down all his food quickly and swiftly! Alaska is a very happy pup who will play play play all day. He will be best off in a home with another pup who also likes to play, as he may be too rowdy for dogs who like their space. Alaska is still learning the concept of personal space! 


Hello world, meet Chloe! This sweetheart is only about 2 years young and so full of life and energy. She is a pint sized staffy and just cute as a meatball. She is dog friendly and human friendly, and loves receiving attention and praise. If you're looking for a hiking or jogging buddy, Chloe is your gal. She would thrive in an active home where she can show off her agility and eagerness to explore the world! It really doesn't get any more perfect than Miss Chloe! Please reach out if you are interested in meeting her!


This floof right here is named Tokyo and he is a 2 year old Shiba Inu! He's only been in our care for a couple weeks so we are still getting to know him. Please check back soon for updates on this boy. What we know so far is he is just unbelievably charming and seeks love and attention from human friends. More to come!


Sweet Betty needs a second shot at happiness. She is still pretty new to our rescue, and we are getting to know her a bit better with each day that passes. What we do know so far is she behaves like a dog who may have been abused in her previous home. It breaks our heart. She is slowly but surely decompressing in her foster home and learning what the meaning of love is. Betty is shy and timid around new strangers, and we're hoping to help her become more trusting so she can be ready for a forever home. We are seeing small improvements every day! We love you, Betty.


This gorgeous boy was recently brought into our rescue after being found emaciated and covered in scars. He was in such bad shape, we couldn't stand to see him go to the shelter. Despite everything he has gone through in his life, Reggie remains trusting, loving, and has a heart of gold. We are estimating he is about 1.5 years old...still a baby! Reggie is a pint sized pittie who has so much love to give. He does wonderfully with all humans and doggos.  


Please read all the way through before submitting an application! Ace is a 5 year old Bichon and just an absolute angel face! He found himself in rescue after his daddy passed away and his mommy decided he was just too much to handle. He does just fine with dogs, however Ace has a deep fear of humans. Ace would be best in a quiet home with minimal visitors. He needs someone who is patient and willing to work with a trainer through his behavior issues. We noticed he responds very well to males. Once he warms up to you, he a lovebug -but please keep in mind, it takes a while.  Ace really just needs one human to attach to, and you will have to understand he is not a dog who can be paraded out in public. He loves a predictable daily schedule, stuffies, a soft bed and puzzles. Ace has been in a board and train with trainers who are willing to provide continued  training classes for a smooth transition into his forever home.


LJ’s story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. At 8 years young, this loyal pup finds himself seeking a new beginning. His journey hasn’t been easy. After losing his beloved owner, LJ’s world turned upside down. He’s been a constant companion, always by his owner’s side, and now he’s navigating a world without his best friend.

In foster care, LJ is showing us just how much love he has to give. He’s looking for someone who understands the depth of his loyalty and is home most of the time. This sweet boy forms deep bonds and is looking for a human to become his new attached-at-the-hip best friend. Once he warms up to you, you’ll have a friend for life. He's approx 18 lbs, believed to be a Chihuahua Mix/Chiweenie.


Sweet Sugar is only a year and a half old and was taken into our rescue after her owner passed away. Her favorite thing to do is to play all day! She is extremely dog friendly and definitely still has some puppy energy in her. She will even attempt to play with the dog looking back in the mirror (aka her). If you're looking for a friendly pup to keep you on your toes, Sugar is your girl. Please reach out if you are interested in meeting Sugar!!


This little baby is Porsche! She is a teensy weensy little gal at almost 4 months old! She can be a little scared and timid at first, but once you give her some time to sniff you out, you will quickly realize she is just an absolute sweetie who just wants to be loved on. Porsche was surrendered to our rescue after spending the first 3 months of her life being kept in a backyard without any socialization, training, or attention. She is ready for her second shot at happiness! Can you make that happen for her? 


Check out this baby boy! A Good Samaritan came across Solo after witnessing him being dumped out of a car. As you can imagine, this 5 month old baby was lost and confused after being abandoned out on the streets. He is now part of our Kiss My Paws Rescue squad and on the hunt for his forever home. We are unsure of his exact breed, however we are estimating he will grow into a medium- large breed dog. Whatever his mix may be, he is 100% adorable in our eyes. Please inquire if you'd like to meet Solo! 


Anyone interested in a 2 for 1 deal?! Dixie and Rusty were recently surrendered to our rescue and come as a package deal. They love each other dearly and cannot be separated. Rusty is approximately 7 years old and Dixie is 4 years old. We would love to find them a new forever home that can provide them with stability and love. They are a very, very sweet bonded pair. Both Rusty and Dixie are friendly with humans and other pups. 


This cutie pie is a one year old Chi mix! His favorite hobby being cuddled up like the little Taquito that he is! He can be shy and timid at first, so he will need a patient family who understands he is a quiet, mellow boy. Once he comes out of his shell, Taquito is the sweetest baby around and will give you unlimited amounts of love and doggie kisses!


Calling all Shiba lovers! Pretty girl Yumi was found as a stray pup roaming Las Vegas all by herself. She was taken to the local animal shelter and her people never went to pick her up, so we did! Yumi is new to our rescue and we are still getting to know her personality, likes, dislikes, etc. What we have noticed so far is that she is shy and a bit unsure of her environment. Can you blame her though? She's been through so much in a short amount of time. We would love to see her go to a home with previous Shiba experience, or to Shiba lovers who understand the breed.


Okay, look at this face. Thor and his siblings were found abandoned in a box and dumped in a trash area. Thankfully a Good Samaritan found them and brought them to safety. They are all absolutely adorable and full of puppy energy. We are predicting Thor and his siblings to be around 8-9 weeks and possibly Rottie mixes. We are still waiting for their DNA tests to come back. Can you guess what Thor's breed may be?!


 Phoenix had a rough start to the first year of his life. He is a one year year-old Schnauzer mix and sweet as can be. He was living in a bad environment before joining our rescue, so he was not given the opportunity to thrive in his puppyhood. He is slowly but surely learning how life can be fun in his foster home. We can't wait to see him flourish in his forever home! Phoenix is a little shy at first, but once you gain his trust, he becomes a total cuddle bug! He is friendly with all kids and other pups as well!


Paris is a three-year-old schnauzer mix. He is so sweet, shy and quiet, really such a good boy! The first three years of his life were spent in a bad environment. Although we can't change his past, we can find the perfect family for his future. Despite everything he's been through, Paris remains very friendly towards all humans and dogs! We are still getting to know his personality and will update more information soon! 


Grump has the grumpiest, squishiest face that is just to die for! He is about 2 years old and we're thinking he may be a bulldog and pug mix. What we do know is he is extremely friendly with all people and other doggos. He is an all around happy boy and seeks love and attention from anyone he encounters. Grump has a lot of energy and would thrive with an active human who will take him on adventures all around town!  


 Loki and his siblings were found in a box near a trash can out on the streets. Luckily for them, they were rescued and brought to us for safety. Loki is a little boy and displays playful puppy behavior. We just received their DNA results back, and they are primarily German Shepherd and Doberman! Loki is excepted to grow into a large sized boy. We are hoping to find a family that understands both these breeds require training, exercise and discipline. 


This little baby's name is Lambo! He is an adorable little sausage dog, only 4 months old! Lambo can be a little scared and timid at first, but once you give him some time to sniff you out, you will quickly realize he is a lover boy through and though. Lambo and his siblings were surrendered to our rescue after spending the first 3 months of their lives being kept in a backyard without any socialization, training, or attention. He is ready for a second shot at happiness! 


Toby (short for Toby Keith) is a happy-go-lucky 1 year old Terrier mix! According to his foster mom, he is a total cuddle bug! He walks very well on the leash and loves going on adventures. He is also perfectly content being a couch potato all day! He loves his toys and plays fetch like a good boy! He will drop the toy nicely and eagerly wait for you to throw it again. Toby is potty trained and also does wonderfully with other small dogs. He has mastered the command "paw" and is currently working on "double paw". He is the smartest little man around! 

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