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Candy's story is one of courage and strength. She is a fighter when all odds were stacked against her. This sweet girl was found emaciated, complete skin and bones, and unable to walk. We did not believe she would survive to see another day. What we do know is she did not get to this condition overnight. Someone intentionally abused and neglected poor Candy, and thankfully we were able to get her to the vet just in time. Candy has since put on a few pounds with enough food, love and patience. She is now seeking a patient foster home where she can learn life isn't too scary. So far, we have learned Candy is very people friendly and likes other dogs as well!


 Midnight and Shadow are a bonded pair. Extremely bonded. They rely on each other for support and protection. These boys have been living in a boarding facility for 5 months now, and they need out of there asap. We are hoping to find them a foster home where they can decompress and learn to trust again. They are very sweet boys, but very scared of the world. They don’t deserve the abuse they were put through, we need your help Las Vegas!!! The boys are about 3 years young.


Howdy! My name is Indigo, friends call me Indi for short. My foster mommy and daddy tell me I’m a very good girl. I love when they tell me I’m beautiful too I don't know my birthday but I think I am about 1-2 years old. I listen very well and always alert the crew when I need to go potty outside. My previous owners put me outside one day, moved away and never came back. I was waiting for them...but they never came. I lack confidence and am learning how to be less fearful. I would love a human with breed experience to help me realize the world is not a scary place. I am not the best with other animals, but still want to find my furever humans!


On Saturday, April 8th this sweet guy was rescued off the streets of East Las Vegas while digging through trash for food. He had been spotted running around for days before his capture. We don’t know where he came from or who his original owners are, but we are naming him Artemis for now. What we do know is Artemis was having a real hard time. He was admitted to the emergency vet due to vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and a 104 degree fever. He was severely dehydrated and has no appetite. Thankfully after 3 days in emergency care and $3,600 later, Artemis is finally resting comfortably in his foster home. So far, his foster mom tells us he is a gentle and loving soul. He can be bit scared around new humans, but he is working hard at learning how to be confident in scary situations. 


Alaska is believed to be German Shepherd & Husky mix. He is just a few months old and has lots of growing to do! He is a typical puppy- lots of energy and is curious about everything around the house! He will need continued puppy training so he grows to be the best boy possible. His foster family tells us he is getting a lot better about being in the crate, hasn't had any accidents in his crate for over a week! As most puppies, he is still getting the hang of potty training. He is a smart boy and is learning very quickly. We are told he is a bottomless pit and will scarf down all his food quickly and swiftly! Alaska is a very happy pup who will play play play all day. He will be best off in a home with another pup who also likes to play, as he may be too rowdy for dogs who like their space. Alaska is still learning the concept of personal space! 


Mabel's rescue is truly incredible. It all started when someone posted online they saw a dog running into the desert on the east side of town. Some of our volunteers, along with volunteers from the Doggie Task Force of Las Vegas immediately went out to this desert area. They were out there for 2 days attempting to locate the dog.  After flying a drone in the area with no luck, volunteers went searching on an ATV.  Finally, they spotted her hiding in a cave on a mountain. Several team members hiked up to help capture her safely. They could immediately see she had just given birth to puppies, but unfortunately the puppies were nowhere to be found. This desert area is a popular dumping ground for unwanted dogs, and we believe she was used for breeding then dumped. Mabel is approximately 1-3 years old and a German Sheperd female, about 54 lbs. She is a very sweet girl and very food motivated. She is timid and we are working on improving her social skills. The good news is she is eager please and learn, and she just wants to be loved! 


Buddha (lighter one) and his brother Budderball (tan one) were found roaming the streets of east Las Vegas as stray puppies. These babies were lost and confused, how could they possibly survive out in this big scary world on their own? One of our rescue members located the backyard they escaped from and learned the owners no longer wanted these puppies. Luckily for the boys, our rescue welcomed them with open arms. They are not bonded, which means they do not have to be adopted out together. They have lots and lots of puppy energy, and can play all day until they are physically separated. They are rambunctious little guys and will need continued puppy training to thrive in their new homes! 


Here are some facts we've learned about Bingo Boy from his time in a foster home! He is about 3 years young and 27lbs. His foster parents tell us he is the best lap dog you could ask for. Bingo will bond easily with his owner, is very loyal, and can be protective. He responds very well to treats and praise! Bingo will need slow introductions to fellow dog friends, and he does prefer female to male dogs. Bingo loves his crate with his comfy bed inside- he even hangs out in there with the crate door open! He loves to run (like the wind) but funny enough is not a lover of fetch. He's more interested in hanging out with his human friends. Bingo does not guard his toys or food at all. In fact, he loves sharing with his furry foster sibling! He is just so goofy and loving, and would make a wonderful addition to the right home!


Oliver was recently surrendered to our rescue when his family decided he had to go. What we know of him so far is that he is absolutely PERFECT! Not one mean bone in his happy little body. He loves children and other dogs, and just wants to seek attention from anyone who will give him love. Oliver really needs a foster so he can get out of boarding. Or better yet, a forever home!!


Jake and his little brother LJ had their world flipped upside down when their human passed away recently. They are both looking for a new home ASAP. Both boys feel a bit lost and confused, but they are in good spirits! Jake and LJ are not bonded and can be adopted out to separate homes! Jake is a Lab Retriever mix, approx 80lbs, 4 years old, and very, very sweet. He is playful, absolutely loves human attention and a good old fashion cuddle sesh! Please reach out if you can give Jake a fresh start at life. The good boy really does deserve it!!


LJ’s story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. At 8 years young, this loyal pup finds himself seeking a new beginning. His journey hasn’t been easy. After losing his beloved owner, LJ’s world turned upside down. He’s been a constant companion, always by his owner’s side, and now he’s navigating a world without his best friend.

In foster care, LJ is showing us just how much love he has to give. He’s looking for someone who understands the depth of his loyalty and is home most of the time. This sweet boy forms deep bonds and is looking for a human to become his new attached-at-the-hip best friend. Once he warms up to you, you’ll have a friend for life. He's approx 18 lbs, believed to be a Chihuahua Mix/Chiweenie.


This 1 year old cockapoo is just as cute as a button! He is a needy little boy, and does not like to be left alone. If you're looking for a shadow to follow you around, Kobe is your boy! Kobe absolutely needs to be with another dog friend. He is very dog friendly and thrives with other canine companions around him. We would say he is more outgoing with fellow pups than he is with human strangers. We don't recommend Kobe with small children at this time. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about him! 

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