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Image by Hyunwon Jang


Kiss My Paws Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit, animal welfare organization dedicated to the rescue
and placement of stray, neglected and abused animals. Our rescue is completely funded
through fundraising efforts and public donations. All of our pets are cared for by foster families, who are unpaid volunteers willing to open up their hearts and homes to homeless dogs. All Kiss My Paws dogs receive complete medical care, which includes deworming, vaccinations, spaying/neutering and microchipping prior to their adoption. In order for our rescue to continue saving dogs, each pup  will have an adoption fee ranging from $300-$450 which covers all these expenses.

The first step in the process is to complete the application. It helps us to get to know you and if a
specific dog is the right fit for you and your household. You will be contacted asap by our applications
specialist who will discuss the information and answer any questions that you may have. The specialist
provides a summary of the discussion back to the rescue for possible next steps. In many cases, there
are multiple potential adopters and the rescue will select those candidates that are best fit for that
particular dog.

The next step is to meet the dog. The meeting is usually scheduled at a neutral location like a park. You
are invited to bring your family. No other dogs at this time please!

If the meet goes well, a home check will be scheduled. A rescue volunteer will come to your home and
verify that the information on your application is accurate. They will provide guidance on repairs that
may be needed to keep your new dog safe, such as holes in backyard gates. They will also meet any other animals in your household, like dogs or cats. We can also schedule a second meet at a neutral location for your pets to meet your potential new pup. This allows the dogs to meet and get to know each other on neutral territory, which usually consists of the dogs sniffing and walking around together.

If all goes well,  it is time to bring your new baby home for a 2 week trial period! A rescue
volunteer will bring the dog to your home and help you with the introductions to their new
environment. They will offer tips on helping the dog to acclimate in their new home. At the end
of this 2 week period, you will have the option to finalize the adoption by signing the adoption contract! The dog's microchip will be reassigned in your name as the new forever owner and you be provided with all medical records to date for your new baby! 


                                        ADOPTION APPLICATION LINK


Please reach out with any questions, we are here to help! 

Thanks for submitting!

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